When I started blogging I always saw all these amazing successful Influencers going to Fashion Week and I was very certain that I’d never actually be able to attend it. I knew my blog was too small, not successful enough to have anyone inviting me to a fashion show. But guess what 2019 was the year that changed a huge part of my life which made me go to the unreachable week of fashion. Since I moved to London my blogger life has become very different and up until this point I never knew that as a microblogger you could approach brands to attend fashion shows and presentations. I just recently found out about it when a blogger friend of mine told me so. Hence, here I am having approached brands which made my dream come true. You don’t always have to be afraid of asking for something because you might miss out on so many opportunities that could be easily made possible. Chase your dreams guys, everything’s possible! 

In the end, I actually missed two shows which probably would have been the most interesting ones but it was my first time and I’m going in February again so it’s not that big of a deal. Overall, I attended four presentations which were all beautiful in their own, individual way. Nonetheless, I don’t only want to tell you about what I saw but how I felt during Fashion Week. Firstly, I wasn’t prepared for the stress and the pressure that comes with FW as I’ve obviously never been before. I was supposed to wear a dress by Edward Mongzar for the first day but it didn’t arrive in time hence I didn’t think about any alternatives before hand so I panicked, ran around hysterically and got changed several times. Every time I changed into something else my boyfriend assured me I looked amazing and stylish but I thought it wasn’t FW enough. Finally, I wore a dress with a blazer on top and some chunky Chelsea boots. When I left the house, I felt fine and quite confident, but as soon as I went to my first presentation I saw all the amazing looks other people have put together and I immediately felt bad about myself again as I didn’t think I looked fashionable enough for this industry.  Second day, I wanted to free myself from the pressure and didn’t end up going but rather picking up the dress I was supposed to wear from the pop-up store and relaxed with my boyfriend. Third day, I felt prepared! I had a beautiful outfit to wear, felt amazing in it and was confident enough to walk down the street looking like a famous blogger (which I’m obviously not!). People actually took photos of me which made me feel good about myself. As I waited in the queue to get into the UNDERAGE presentation, photographers came up to people to capture their looks on the street. They didn’t ask me so my confidence faded again. I guess the feeling of wanting to be photographed and other bloggers judging you for what you’re wearing made me feel intimidated. 

I don’t mean to scare you going to Fashion Week but I wanted to give a personal view on the overall event and be totally honest with you which I think this industry sometimes lacks. Considering that,  I’ve experienced it all now I can assure you I will be better prepared, won’t worry about what others think and won’t let anything pressure me in any way next time. If you keep this in your mind you will love the experience and enjoy every single second. So, maybe it’s good I’m telling you this so you don’t make the same mistakes as I did. Now, let’s get to the most interesting part of the blogpost; the pictures of the presentations and my outfit(s). 

GAYEON LEE 13/09/19

I loved the right look. So perfect for a chilly summer day.
That pink jacket was an absolute dream!
Gorgeous shapes.
All their clothes were totally my vibe.


This is exactly how I imagined Fashion Week to be like: looks that you could never wear in real life but are creative and a little crazy.
Nonetheless, I loved the presentation. It was very different and extra, but special.

B. FLEURS 13/09/19

B. Fleurs presentation was certainly my favourite. I mean look at these beautiful pastel colours.
I’d love to have every single piece in this collection.

UNDERAGE 15/09/19

Their vibe was really stylish and edgy, but still wearable in my opinion.
The shoes were really artistic!


I loved the elegance in these looks. Especially in the right outfit.
A blooming dream.

This was it! I was introduced to a whole new world and experienced that London actually is a place where dreams come true. I’m really glad I wasn’t scared to go on my own as this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m blooming thankful that I got to undergo this event. Getting to see all the new collections was beautiful and I would never regret going. Fashion is my passion that’s why Fashion Week made me feel very grateful as it let me be so close to what I love most. Take every single chance in life and don’t let anyone hold you back! You only have one life!

Lucina xx

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Based in London. My personal style and lifestyle blog by Lucina Fischer. Hope you enjoy it x xoxo

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