I promised to publish the second part of my Caribbean experience on Saturday so here I am writing about the last few islands we’ve visited during this trip. Our second week on the ship, started with St.Vincent which gave us a taste of which amazing islands we were going to see next. Before I took the trip, I thought the 2 weeks would feel like ages as my boyfriend wasn’t there with me. But as soon as I realised the first week was already over, I knew how quickly the rest of the time would fly by.


On St. Vincent we already had a lot planned in Germany as the AIDA offered a pirate tour on a boat around the island. This way we could get to know the island and have a look at the places where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed which was just amazing to see. I didn’t get to take any photos of my outfit or any photos of myself at all, because we were just jumping around in our swimwear all day, being super fascinated by St. Vincent and tried to savour the time as much as possible. The scenery looked incredible and I’m glad I took some shots of it to hopefully make you guys want to visit the island.

This was the view from our little pirate boat!
We visited one of the beaches were Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. It was so cool! Elodie, my friend went snorkeling for a bit while I was laying in the sun because I had around 8 cold sores on my lip!
At the end of the day we went to another beach with some friends we met on the pirate boat trip.


The next island was St. Lucia which I saw so many Bloggers travelling to and always made me want to go there to finally see what everyone was raving about. I can assure you the hype does it justice and St. Lucia is definitely worth a visit. As I’ve only been there for a day, I’d really love to go back some day and spend some more time there. What did we do? Well, we enjoyed our first boat trip so much that we decided to do another one on St. Lucia but this time we did it spontaneously and got a great deal on the island. We actually got to see some more Pirates of the Caribbean spots, saw some sights such as the Pitons, went to several beaches and drank a lot of rum punsch tbh. It was the loveliest time and we made great memories.

The first beach we visited on St. Lucia and look how idyllic and gorgeous it looks!
The second beach we went to they told us it was one of the big shot beaches. I guess you can tell, can’t you?
Here we went for some food and drinks.


As you might know, most of the Caribbean islands are English-speaking islands but Guadeloupe was the only European island were French is being spoken. In my opinion, Guadeloupe had the most insane water out of all of the Caribbean island we got to see. We went to Sainte-Anne beach which was supposedly the most beautiful beach on the island. It was indeed stunning but it was very crowded though. The day was very relaxing as we just laid there tanning (well Elodie was recovering from her sunburn haha) and savoured the day to the fullest. If I should ever come back I definitely tried to see more of the landscape and sights on the island but unfortunately we didn’t have that much time. Nonetheless, as I got a GoPro before we flew on holiday we used the time to take some underwater shots and tried the new camera out for a bit.

Look at this insane water!
I love how the GoPro shots turned out in the end!! I think this kind of camera is such a good investment.


On Dominica we had a quite chilled one considering that we got ourselves a taxi to the Emerald Pool which was a spring in the middle of a rain forest. The driver actually waited for us the entire time so we could easily get back to the ship whenever we wanted. When we arrived at the spring, it was full of tourists but as we waited for around 10 minutes all of the tourists disappeared and we had the entire Emerald Pool to ourselves which was the best experience. We just enjoyed the moment and were the happiest people being alone at such a gorgeous spot full of nature. After that, we decided to go to the beach and just spend the last 2 hours there, before we would go back to the ship. The beach was lovely but you could see that a hurricane had struck the island around 2 years ago and everything was quite stark.

The Emerald Pool.
Look how stark the landscape was.


Can you believe that this is already the last island I am writing about? I can’t! I must say I had one of the most amazing experiences on Antigua which I’ll probably also tell my children about. We started the day in Saint John’s which was the first city that I desperately tried to find some nice clothes to take home with. Well, let me tell you that much I spent 2 hours in a Levi’s shop trying to find a nice fitting jeans for a lot less money than in Europe but I didn’t like anything. I guess Caribbean people have different figures than I do because all the jeans I tried on had a very short lengths. After this disappointing attempt to spend money we had something very exciting planned. We went to swim with sting rays which was sooo amazing and scary at the same time. Before anyone says swimming with sting rays is animal cruelty, I can assure you that this was in the middle of the ocean and the sting rays swam towards us absolutely voluntarily so no one forced them to do anything they didn’t want.

St. John’s inner city.
Fun Fact: we went to drink a milkshake across the street in a little cafe and my mum told me afterwards that she was in this exact same cafe when she was as old as me, doing the same cruise holiday and drinking the exact same thing. Coincidence?
Such beautiful creatures! I was so scared at first because I was worried to step onto them but after a while I was just fascinated.

I know it is hard to actually write all of my experiences into one little blogpost but I tried my best to make you travel-thirsty and want to discover and get to know the world. I wanted to kind of take you along with me so you could feel like you were there with me. I’m trying every day to give you inspiration for your own life because in the end what counts most are your own experiences and memories you make during your life because those are the ones that stay with you forever.

Lots of love

Lucina xx

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