Here I am back from one of the most amazing trips I’ve done so far. For anyone who’s wondering what kind of trip this was; my friend Elodie and I went on a cruise ship for two weeks and got to see 11 different Caribbean islands which was such a bless. I’ve decided to split the blogpost into 2 parts since I feel like I would bore you by putting too much information into one. This one will be about my experience on as well as off the cruise ship because I guess loads of people might think that a ship is only interesting for old people and not for 20-year-old travel thirsty girls. If you thought that, you are most definitely wrong.

There’s no way you’re going to see as much in two weeks as when spending it on a ship. Also, it’s much more affordable than having to fly to each place separately and having to pay for hotels on every island. Even if you would decide living in a hostel the choice of being on the cruise, which is like an enormous and fancy hotel, is much more worth it. Secondly, let me tell you the most common assumption about cruise ships, that there’s only old people, isn’t true. We’ve made a lot of friends at our age during this time as well as older people that were just so fun to hang around with (maybe it was all the rum punsch). Everyone who’s scared of the swell, I can comfort you by telling you that I was worried too BUT the swell in the Caribbean is super easy to deal with. Most times I didn’t even notice it. I even got so used to it that when I left the ship I could feel the swell when I was on straight ground. Moreover, you have so much entertainment on the ship that you can’t even get bored. There are so many fun parties, shows and games in the evening that you will always have something to do. During the day, you have a lot of options too but you can also just organise your time yourself and experience the island without having booked any tours. Usually it was much more affordable for us to just take a taxi and do whatever comes into our mind or visit some beautiful places around the islands.


The first part of me talking was just about my cruise ship experience and to convince you but what was much more interesting were definitely the islands we were able to visit. First one, being Aruba, already fascinated us. We didn’t think it could have gotten any more beautiful. We actually landed in La Romana to get onto the ship and we didn’t see very much of the island since we were super exhausted from the flight and just wanted to check in.

The Port: amazing restaurants and a beautiful view
All the houses are just a dream!!
The dreamiest beach with the most beautiful water and we had it all to ourselves.


The second island was Curacao because we started off visiting the three Netherlands Antilles which was such a blast since I’ve been to Curacao for the third time and I’ve always wanted to see the others. When we arrived I actually had some tears in my eyes as I was used to going to this destination with my family only but now they weren’t there. Still though, it was all fine and we had the most beautiful day in the city, strolling around the markets and going to the beach at the end of the day.

In terms of Willemstad the capital just imagine Amsterdam in the brightest colours, people having fun all the time and a lot of good vibes.
We always had local fruit on our ship which was amazing!!
Just a tiny little sunburn…

There aren’t a lot of beaches in Willemstad itself but if you drive further outside then you find beautiful ones. This one was one of the local beaches in the city.


If I’m being totally honest I can’t tell you too much about Bonaire itself as we spend the whole day on little Bonaire the neighbouring island. Nonetheless, little Bonaire is worth a visit if you’re really into snorkleling and want to see some colourful fish and turtles. I’ll tell you something be really really careful with the sun there because the island is tiny and there isn’t any shadow to hide under. Since we spend the whole day there we had the worst sunburn and I’m not talking about a casual sunburn! We literally couldn’t walk anymore and on top of that I hit a coral while swimming and therefore had an infected knee for 4 days. Best combo ever haha! Don’t be scared off by this story, I still recommend this island just don’t be an idiot like me!

Gorgeous beach on little Bonaire
With a gorgeous view onto Bonaire
This was the day I hit my knee on one of the corals! Anyway the underwater world was beautiful.


Grenada was so different from the other islands we’ve seen on this trip so far. It was so green and full of beautiful flowers and plants. Also, how the island was constructed was amazing to see because all the houses were built on hills and at the highest point you could have the most stunning view over the entire island. We saw many places and did a little bus tour around the whole island to get a rough overview of the place. We discovered delicious herbs, went to the beach and drove up and down the island. It was such a beautiful day with lots of unforgettable memories. Grenada is definitely a place I would recommend visiting at some point in your life because the nature is incredibly beautiful and the locals are just the nicest. Also, the beaches have softest sand and the water is blue as hell! So if you’re ever debating on going somewhere pretty and full of nature in the Caribbean, Grenada is the place for you!

Isn’t this the most stunning view?
We went to the Botanical Gardens and this was out view! If you’re on Grenada you definitely should visit them.
We also went to the Annandale Falls which was quite nice. Just a little overcrowded.
This was the beach with some weather issues but it never started raining so it was fine.


I think Barbados is one of the islands most people have heard of and the hype about it is actually true. It’s not only the island were many celebrities spend their holiday on but also one of the most interesting island as it has a gorgeous city with lots of old colourful buildings, probably the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my entire life and many places to visit around the island. What we did? So we spend most of the day on a boat snorkleling with turtles which kinda went very wrong as one of the people managing the trip jumped onto one of the turtles so we didn’t get to see any of them inside the water since they were probably scared as hell. In the morning, we went to Bridgetown the capital of Barbados and had look around the city. As we only had to leave at 10 pm we could use the day properly and went to one of the beaches there and experienced the most beautiful sunset. Just to explain to you the beach because during the trip I compared all of the beaches to each other and for me personally the beach on Barbados was the prettiest. The sand was running through my fingers because it was so fine and soft and the water was unbelievably turquoise.

This was the view from our boat. This villa is supposedly one were all the celebrities stay when they’re on holiday.
If this isn’t the dreamiest sunset I don’t know what is.
Happy little Lucina playing in the water!

So, this was the first part of my travel diary. I’ll try and put up the second part on Saturday next week. I know the trip was some time ago but I hope you could get some travel inspo from it and just enjoyed the picture and the stories overall. If you should have any more questions about my trip you always comment or ask me on my Instagram. Wish you all a lovely weekend!

Lucina xx

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