It’s the first advent today!! I am currently sitting in my bed listening to Christmas music while our entire house has adapted the Christmas spirit. The atmosphere around Christmas time is literally the best, that’s why my blogging ideas are just bubbling out of my head. 

Today I decided to tell you the story of my hair and what products have changed it during the last few months. Sooooo, my hair used to be very healthy and long (actually to my butt) but then the whole trend of dip-dye and balayage came on and little dumb Lucina didn’t want to go to the hairdresser but do it herself. Therefore, I’ve done it myself at home and it turned out alright but very weirdly it never really grew out. Then I had the great idea to go very light blonde, so a coldish tone, but obviously my boyfriend and I totally messed it up. My hair didn’t want to assume the colour as light as I wanted it to be so the cold blonde colour wouldn’t work. You can imagine how I looked like. Actually, I can give you an idea. Just envision Calici with a very bad yellow blonde tone in her hair, that’s kind of how I looked like or even felt like. Then I decided to go to the hairdresser and make it grey. I was very confident with the grey and I liked it a lot but the hair colour washed out very quickly but surprisingly the yellow cast was gone afterwards. Still, though my hair was very dry, I couldn’t brush through it easily and as soon as I went outside it was a whole mess after a few minutes. Then my bleach started to grow out and it didn’t look very nice. So, I was still very unhappy with my hair because my prom was to be due and then I wanted to have hair which I could be satisfied with. Hence, I went to a hairdresser again, this time a good one, and I wanted to have some kind of balayage style because I wanted my hair or the bleach to be able to grow out completely. I told them what I wanted and that it should have a coldish undertone and I was sure everything was going to be fine. I guess the person that did my hair was new or so but she didn’t do a great job. She forgot some strands and then just put on a grey hair colour which I never wanted. I basically looked like a chipmunk. Then I told the boss of the place that I am not happy with the result and she let me come on the next day to fix it. This time I was so picky and watched her all the time that nothing goes wrong. I spent around 8 hours in total at the hair salon just for a basic balayage and my hair got so damaged during this process. Even though I was happy then with the end result, my hair had to suffer a lot. Here you have my entire hair story!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Then suddenly something very great happened to me! I usually wasn’t the person that sticks to one product or even spends a lot of money on it. Everyone always told me hair oils are great you should try them! But even in the drugstore, they are around 5-10 euros. Certainly, I always got the cheapest things but when I started blogging the opportunity to try a very beautiful Parisian hair brand came along and I wouldn’t want to miss it! I started using the Rene Furterer products around half a year ago and I am obsessed. I would always spend the money on their products because they have made the biggest difference to the healthiness of my hair. It got smooth, shiny, easy to comb through and I almost haven’t had any split ends since then. I want to tell you something about their brand: they have different hairlines for the varies results you want to achieve. So if you want to have shiny hair you will get a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask and a spray. They certainly have different things as well, such as the hair oil or a curling spray which you can both see on the pictures. You can also answer some question on their website and they will lead you to the perfect package you need for your goals and your hair type. 

I have used the OKARA colour to make my hair smooth and healthy again. Also, I use the hair oil twice a day to keep my hair shiny. Since my hair started being healthy again, I am using the LUMICIA shine line which works perfectly for me. Now, what I usually do is to use the shampoo and conditioner in the shower and leave the conditioner in for around 2-3 minutes (I only put it in my tips). Then, when I get out of the shower I use the OKARA spray to detangle my hair. When my hair is almost dry I put in the oil and comb through it again. For this picture, I have done some curls so when you are done with the curls I put in the curling spray to keep the curls for longer and make them more bouncy. 

I will put you the link for the Rene Furterer website down below therewith you can try your own products and find the right one for yourself. 


I just want to make clear that I did get these products sent but the blog post idea was my own and therefore this is not sponsored. I just wanted to make you familiar with hair saver. 

I hope you might find the right product for yourself and I could help you a bit with my own hair story! 



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