To me, it is essential to always have some bits and pieces with me that I will need and love using while I am on holiday. Especially my skin and my hair plays a very important role.


Hair oil – My hair tends to get very dry and is full of knots when I am in places with high temperatures. So I try to prevent that by using my beloved hair oil from Rene Furterer. I can definitely assure you that your hair will feel much softer, but also will look shiny and healthy.

Bronzer and Highlighter – In summer I love looking very bronzed and glowy. That’s why I barely use any blusher because I use bronzer everywhere. The bronzer from Bobbi Brown is my favourite since it not only gives you a lot of colour but also glows your face up. Then the highlighter from MAC is a champagne-coloured highlighter and gives you such a nice and pretty glow, which I just adore in the summer months.

Lipstick – I usually don’t use a lot of lipstick in warmer countries or warmer days, but this one stays on your lips forever and doesn’t move at all. The colour is perfect for summer because it’s nothing too crazy but still is a very pretty and natural colour. If you are looking for a lipstick that stays, definitely go for the new YSL tatouage couture.

Powder– For me, a powder is a life saver. If you don’t use it you will look too dewy which I personally don’t like. I sweat a lot on my face but the Bare Minerals powder minimalizes it. It has got a matte side and a glowy side which I only use in autumn or winter. But the matte side is perfect because it doesn’t move your base and doesn’t take away any of the glowy products you have used before. It simply takes out the dewiness of your faces in places you don’t want it.

Mascara – I’ve been looking for a nursing and natural mascara for a very long time. This one separates your lashes and makes them look very long and natural. The Chanel mascara is my go-to for summer because I hate feeling that I’ve got something on my lashes. If you feel the same, this one is for you!

Hope you find this blog post helpful!

xx Lucina

Posted by:skinofsouls

Based in London. My personal style and lifestyle blog by Lucina Fischer. Hope you enjoy it x xoxo

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